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Your Free Lead Generation Strategy Session

Are you overwhelmed and LACK THE TIME it takes to generate targeted LEADS?

Do you have a good strategy that attracts repeat customers?

Are you frustrated with your lack of success in lead generation so far?

I'm Ash Roy — the founder of, the host of the Productive Insights Podcast featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy, and a successful blogger.

My podcast features some of the world's leading authorities in online marketing including Rand Fishkin (Founder of Moz), Neil Patel (Founder of Kissmetrics), James Schramko (Founder of Superfast Business), Chris Garrett from Copyblogger and lots more!

During this Free Lead Gen Strategy Session We'll Explore How You Can Use Online Marketing Strategies To Convert Browsers Into Repeat Customers.

In This Value Packed Session We Will:

    1. Get a clear understanding of your audience and/or customers and their biggest challenges so we can align your strategy to the market

    2. Get clear on the biggest challenges you face in terms of lead generation

    3. Look at how your content strategy fits into your overall business strategy

    4. Take stock of your existing online assets in order to assess how to best leverage those assets

    5. See which pieces of content have performed best in the past (via google analytics)

    6. Locate gaps in your sales funnel and make tweaks where possible to attract paying customers

    7. Brainstorm sources and potential ideas for future content pieces (including guest blogging ideas)

    8. Get clear on how you're repurposing your content currently to increase your brand presence and attract the right customers

    9. Assess competitor websites' content and what's working for them right now

    10. Based on the above discussion points I will recommend systems and processes that create high quality content which builds trust and converts browsers into repeat customers

    Send Me These Show Notes As A PDF