Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts

October 30th, 2013 By: Ash

If you haven’t been using keyboard shortcuts on your Mac then you’re in for a treat! Depending on how long you spend on your computer each day you could be saving yourself HOURS each week!

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This post covers keyboard shortcuts specifically on Excel For Mac 2011. You might also want to check out these 45 Insanely useful Mac OSX Keyboard Shortcuts to save you over an hour each week to find quicker ways to navigate around your Mac in general.

If you’re a PC user then you might want to check out these 57 Keyboard Shortcuts that will turn you into a Microsoft Excel ninja!

You’re about to find some incredible time saving hacks that will transform future interactions with your Mac computer.

So strap on your seat belt and brace yourself. You’re about to hit warp speed!

Check out these awesome keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011

Working in cells or the formula bar

Repeat the last Action : ⌘+Y

Display  autocomplete list : CONTROL+OPTION+DOWN ARROW

Enter the time :⌘+SEMICOLON (;)

Enter the date : CONTROL+SEMICOLON (;)

Start a formula :  =

Edit the active cell : CONTROL+U

Insert a hyperlink : ⌘+K

Previewing and Printing

Display the Print dialog box :  ⌘+P

Move around in print view : Arrow keys

 Moving and scrolling in a sheet

Move to the edge of the current data region : CONTROL + arrow key

Move to the beginning of the row : HOME

Move to the beginning of the sheet : CONTROL+HOME

Working with a selection

Copy the selection : ⌘+C

Cut the selection : ⌘+X

Paste the selection : ⌘+V

Undo the last action : ⌘+Z

Formatting and editing data

Display the Style dialog box : ⌘+SHIFT+L

Display the Format Cells dialog box :  ⌘+1

Hide Rows : CONTROL+9

Unhide Rows : CONTROL+ZERO

Hide Columns :  CONTROL+SHIFT+(

Unhide columns: CONTROL+SHIFT+)

Edit the active cell : CONTROL+U

Apply or remove bold formatting : ⌘+B

Apply or remove italic formatting : ⌘+I

Apply or remove underscoring : ⌘+U

Copy and Paste Special  (paste only values or only formatting etc)


Copy and Paste Special Format ⌘+C ; and then  ^+⌘+V ; and then; ⌘+T

Copy and Paste Special Values – ⌘+C ; and then  ^+⌘+V ; and then; ⌘+V

Copy and Paste Special Formulas ⌘+C ; and then  ^+⌘+V ; and then; ⌘+F


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