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040. Eisenhower Matrix – How To Use The 4-Quadrant Matrix For Business Success

August 25th, 2015 By: Ash

Eisenhower Matrix – How To Use The 4-Quadrant Matrix For Business Success

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Focus on the things that are high in urgency as well as importance by plotting your priorities in the four quadrants of this management matrix

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In this podcast, I’ll share one of the most powerful secrets to an effective workflow. The Eisenhower Matrix, popularised by Stephen Covey, is one of the best tools to get your attention focused on the things that really move the needle in your business.

Key points mentioned (with timestamps)

1:20 – Let me ask you a question …

3:00 – Imagine a piece of paper with 4 boxes drawn on it. The Eisenhower Matrix, imagined.

3:30 – The First Quadrant (Urgent & Important)

4:24 – The Second Quadrant (Not Urgent But Important)

5:31 – The Third Quadrant (Urgent But Not Important)

6:22 – The Fourth Quadrant (Not Urgent & Not Important)

8:07 – Biggest obstacles to implementing the Eisenhower Quadrant and how to overcome them

8:38 – Actions you can take right away

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