022. $50 Million and Counting …. With Ed O’Keefe

022. $50 Million and Counting …. With Ed O’Keefe

May 26th, 2015 By: Ash

$50 Million and Counting …. With Ed O’Keefe

Ed O’Keefe is a very successful entrepreneur. He’s a best-selling author and most importantly a father of seven and has been able to go from dead broke to cracking the code of starting and taking multiple businesses from zero to numerous seven and 80 figures businesses. Ed has worked as a business mentor and a business strategy coach and has released his online TV show and has recently written a book called The Art of Time Collapsing – How to Get What You Want Much Faster Than You Ever Thought.

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Key points discussed / timestamps

  • 1:28 – A brief overview of Ed’s journey to entrepreneurial success
  • 4:26 – On becoming an entrepreneur
  • 7:41 – Taking advantage of emerging opportunities
  • 8:23 – How Ed built a $50 M dollar business
  • 9:12 – “Your job is to create an offer which is really a sale process that either has such a great conversion rate or such a great average ticket…”
  • 10:36 – It all comes down to mathematics
  • 14:22 – How Ed’s getting 230 – 240 ROI
  • 15:20 – Brief Case study – targeting higher end buyers by developing a system and restructuring price offer
  • 17:58 – An example of a recurring income model
  • 20:50 – Repositioning your product by adding values
  • 23:57 – Giving away value in a leveraged format
  • 28:00 – Building authority through content marketing
  • 30:27 – How does an entrepreneur build a successful business?
  • 31:21 – Most common challenges in getting started with business and overcoming them
  • 34:01 – Ed’s book, “The Art of Time Collapsing: How to get What You Want Much Faster Than You Ever Thought”
  • 38:19 – Learning and summary

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