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The 5 secrets to a productive day: How to use your mornings as a springboard for success

For the longest time I whiled away my mornings being busy but not effective. I started off on the wrong foot. I’d get mesmerised by intrusive email notifications that created a false sense of urgency. I’d check my facebook account only to wake up from the ‘facebook trance’ hours later. Sometimes my mind would meander and revel […]

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Guest Post : 5 secrets (from a Pilates Instructor) to stress less through mindful movement

By Vanessa Bartlett (Pilates Instructor and Presenter) When you think of the word ‘mindful’, what images does it conjure up? Do you see yourself as being fully present? Are you fully aware of your thoughts? Emotions? Your physical actions in that moment? That’s what I associate with the term ‘mindfulness’. Imagine living each day in this zen-like […]

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Jobs and Careers Pt 3 : Want a pay rise? You are not alone. Here are 9 simple strategies to deliver insane value to your employer

I originally wrote this post with a new starter in mind but realised that these strategies are very valuable at any point in one’s tenure. Ultimately they are designed to deliver jaw dropping, insane value that can provide a pretty compelling argument for a pay rise. So read on … and prosper. OK so you […]

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Jobs and Careers Pt 2 : Implement these 8 useful interview tips to nail that next job

Ok so you used the 9 tips to assess your prospective employer in the first part of this series to land an interview for your dream job at your ideal company. You dig the corporate vibes and this gig is going to be your launching pad for stellar success. Well … Congratulations! Now you need […]

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Get your iPhone to read Kindle e-books to you aloud in 3 steps (Video)

    Did you know that you can get your iPhone to read Kindle e-books out loud? This is a pretty good alternative to buying an actual kindle device. And a considerably cheaper one! It’s not quite the same as an audiobook. But hey …  it’s pretty good considering the fact that a large proportion of […]

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The 3 critical ways Referron can turbo charge your productivity around networking, hiring and business development

This article is a 3-5 minute read. You can read through the bolded bits if you’re short on time and still get the gist of it on the fly. A few weeks ago I came across an excellent smartphone app called Referron which works on iPhones and Androids. In this post I talk about how […]

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