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How to Use Mindfulness to Dismiss Fears That Secretly Sabotage Your Life. Plus 34 benefits of mindfulness.

What is mindfulness? What if I said “you’ve been looking through the bars of a prison cell for most of your life”? You’d probably say I’m crazy right? That was my initial response too. But over time I’ve started to see the merit in that assertion. OK, let’s back up a bit. The “bars” I’m […]

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On corporate prisons, freedom and meaningful enterprise

Have you ever felt trapped in your career? Your life? Perhaps you started out with all these idealistic plans which involved you changing the world by leading your corporation or your organisation to new frontiers. But then you found that the corporate world wasn’t all that idealistic after all. Things didn’t work the way your […]

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Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you haven’t been using keyboard shortcuts on your Mac then you’re in for a treat! Depending on how long you spend on your computer each day you could be saving yourself HOURS each week! This post covers keyboard shortcuts specifically on Excel For Mac 2011. You might also want to check out these 45 Insanely useful […]

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The Top 10 secrets to becoming a good lead guitarist

The first year after I picked up the guitar was the honeymoon period for me. There wasn’t much else I could think of. If I heard a good song I’d want to learn how to play it. If I heard new riffs I’d wonder where on the fret board each note belonged.  I’d eagerly anticipate my […]

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The Zen of Office Yoga: 5 Simple tips to stress less by stretching more at your desk right now

Article by Savannah Correll Do you hit a mid-morning slump where your back throbs and you just can’t concentrate anymore? Do you get stressed out, and find your productivity levels dropping in the afternoon at work? Do you have difficulty practising mindfulness? We’ve researched the best Yoga stretches and poses you can do right in your office (without putting […]

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Another 15 Siri voice commands for the iPhone to win you back another hour a week

Back by popular demand You unequivocally endorsed my first article on Siri called : My top 15 Siri voice commands for the iPhone to win you back an hour a week with your several thousand clicks. Thank you for making that article the most read post on this site. Incorporating Siri into your routine interactions with the […]

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