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Time management skills are now redundant

Time Management Skills vs Energy Management Skills Fredrick Winslow Taylor became known for his time and motion studies. He used it as a tool to measure (and improve) a business’ efficiency. Back when he adopted this approach which later came to be known as ‘scientific management’, it made sense. He was measuring worker performance on […]

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Strategic partnerships for business growth

Strategic partnerships for business growth Strategic partnerships can be very effective when it comes to business growth. There are all sorts of compelling business drivers that make a strategic partnership an obvious choice: Vertical integration: where it makes sense for a wholesaler to acquire a retailer or a manufacturer so they can have more control over […]

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FEO vs SEO About a month ago, Seth Godin wrote a post that inspired me to write a post (and publish it) every day. I’ve done it fairly consistently since the 1st of Nov (might have missed a day or two) I’ve loved writing every day. But I didn’t write yesterday because I was gripped with doubt. […]

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Membership model

Membership model It costs between 5 and 9 times less to retain an existing customer as compared to acquiring a new one. It’s also a lot less stressful than going “hunting” everyday. When banks lend money to businesses they love seeing a stable and steady income stream. In some cases they prefer the steady income […]

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1% of your effort delivers approximately 51% of your results

1% of your effort delivers approximately 51% of your results In the late 1800s Vilfredo Pareto noticed something interesting in his garden. He noticed that a tiny number of pea pods produced the majority of the peas. Now Vilfredo was an economist and had a thing for mathematics. So he decided to explore the strange […]

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Google wasn’t the first search engine in the market

Google wasn’t the first search engine in the market Google wasn’t the first search engine in the scene. According to this article they were the 20th! Apple didn’t invent the smartphone or the tablet. But they did reimagine both and reinvented them with the customer in mind. Being first to market may be advantageous in […]

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