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Category: Motivation

The value of examining your underlying assumptions

The value of examining your assumptions Examining your assumptions is always useful because it forces you to examine the context you’re (subconsciously) imposing on the situation. But what’s even more valuable is this: the act of examining your underlying assumptions makes you question those assumptions. And in my experience, that can only be a good […]

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The Steve Jobs Guide to Using Death as The Ultimate Change Agent + 22 Actionable Insights to Thrive Through Change

Have you heard the phrase “There are no guarantees in life?” It’s nonsense! If you’re a living being (which I assume you are, since you’re reading this) two things are most certainly guaranteed! 1. Change. 2. Death. Sounds morbid, I know. But there is a point to this morbidity, as you will see later in this post. There’s no […]

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Rock Your Purpose, Live Your Legend and Get Paid to Change The World!

Have you ever felt like you really wanted to make a difference to the world? You have all these ideas. And you just know that you were put on this earth to bring them to life. You know that this is your true calling. You feel these ideas straining to see the light of day. […]

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