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FEO vs SEO About a month ago, Seth Godin wrote a post that inspired me to write a post (and publish it) every day. I’ve done it fairly consistently since the 1st of Nov (might have missed a day or two) I’ve loved writing every day. But I didn’t write yesterday because I was gripped with doubt. […]

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Time management

Time management Time management is a misnomer. You can’t really manage time because there is a finite number of hours in each day. Every one of us is subject to the same time constraints. So so you can’t really manage time given the fact you can’t control it. What you can manage is your priorities. […]

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How to approach selling so it benefits the customer

How to approach selling so it benefits the customer I’ve often found the whole sales process to be highly uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s because selling is generally treated with suspicion. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you focus your efforts on assisting your customer to ‘make a purchase’ rather than focusing on ‘making a sale’ […]

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Data vs intelligence

Data vs intelligence 1000 twitter followers, 200 facebook page likes, 6000 email subscribers. All these are examples of business data. Understanding what makes that twitter follower, facebook liker or email subscriber engage with your business and/or content so that they can benefit from your products and services (and tell their friends about the amazing experience […]

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Great products market themselves

Great products market themselves Have you ever experienced a product that just scratched your itch? You know, a product that delivered an excellent experience as it solved your problem … exactly like the marketing (for that product) had promised you it would. How did you feel about that product? Did you tell all your friends […]

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The wonder of childhood

The wonder of childhood Do you remember your earlier years? When things were magical? When the world was wonderous? When you were a fountain of new ideas. When each day felt like another breakthrough? Chances are you weren’t consuming a lot of information back then. Your mind wasn’t cluttered with years of noise and static […]

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