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The value of examining your underlying assumptions

The value of examining your assumptions Examining your assumptions is always useful because it forces you to examine the context you’re (subconsciously) imposing on the situation. But what’s even more valuable is this: the act of examining your underlying assumptions makes you question those assumptions. And in my experience, that can only be a good […]

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Minimum viable offer

Minimum viable offer How do you know if you have a minimum viable offer? You know … an offer you can build a successful business around? There’s a ton of literature out there which talks about how to create a minimum viable product. It’s referred to as MVP in the lean startup methodology. A good […]

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Problem solving techniques (a 5 step process)

Problem solving techniques (a 5 step process) How do you go about solving a problem effectively? There are five key steps in solving a problem Defining the problem You need to define the problem clearly BEFORE you jump into solution mode. One of the biggest obstacles to problem-solving is not getting clear on what exactly […]

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Time management skills are now redundant

Time Management Skills vs Energy Management Skills Fredrick Winslow Taylor became known for his time and motion studies. He used it as a tool to measure (and improve) a business’ efficiency. Back when he adopted this approach which later came to be known as ‘scientific management’, it made sense. He was measuring worker performance on […]

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Strategic partnerships for business growth

Strategic partnerships can be very effective when it comes to business growth. There are all sorts of compelling business drivers that make a strategic partnership an obvious choice: Vertical integration: where it makes sense for a wholesaler to acquire a retailer or a manufacturer so they can have more control over the ‘value chain’ Horizontal integration: […]

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FEO vs SEO About a month ago, Seth Godin wrote a post that inspired me to write a post (and publish it) every day. I’ve done it fairly consistently since the 1st of Nov (might have missed a day or two) I’ve loved writing every day. But I didn’t write yesterday because I was gripped with doubt. […]

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