010. 7 Mistakes Your Brain Makes Everyday And How To Fix Them Using Mindfulness

March 24th, 2015 By: Ash

7 Mistakes Your Brain Makes Everyday And How To Fix Them Using Mindfulness

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This is the narration of an article that I wrote as a guest contributor to lifehack(dot)org.

Reach out to me on ash@productiveinsights.com if you need help implementing these ideas in your business.

Key points covered in the article:

  1. Our tendency to avoid threats — as opposed to our tendency to maximize opportunities
  2. Gamblers fallacy and how to overcome it
  3. How to deal with cognitive dissonance
  4. How to become aware of confirmation bias
  5. Learn how not to confuse selection factors with results
  6. How to not fall victim to price anchoring
  7. Dealing with overwhelm by not falling victim to the paradox of choice



  • A mindfulness analogy and how to use it to overcome the above mistakes we make everyday.

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