152. “Work Less Make More” — James Schramko Reveals Key Insights From His New Book

December 20th, 2017 By: Ash

“Work Less Make More” — James Schramko Reveals Key Insights From His New Book

James Schramko is no stranger to the Productive Insights podcast, in fact, he was instrumental in helping launch the Productive Insights Podcast. He’s the founder of Superfastbusiness.com which is an excellent community of online entrepreneurs.

James has built a highly successful and profitable business which affords him an excellent lifestyle — which comprises of surfing each day (sometimes twice) and not a whole lot of time at his desk while still achieving excellent results for himself and his clients.

I’m delighted to have him back to discuss his new book titled “Work Less Make More” in which he reveals His Secrets to Success and Time Freedom.

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Key Points and Insights

  • 2:00 – James talks about the promise his new book makes … And fulfils
  • 5:34 – Single source dependency and how that could be threatening you and/or your business (and what you can do to fix it)
  • 6:20 – The Parthenon theory and what that means for you
  • 10:35 – How to develop your ‘offer that converts’ and stand out from the noise in the market
  • 11:28 – The importance of customer selection
  • 12:26 – How to focus in on your ideal customer and how to repel the wrong ones
  • 17:12 – How the work less make more approach helps you become a business owner who owns a business that works without you
  • 18:14 – How to use your ‘effective hourly rate’ to help guide what activities you focus on
  • 20:35 – What James did to make the transition from 6 figures a YEAR to 6 figures a MONTH … In 6 WEEKS!
  • 22:52 – Challenges James faced in creating the book “Work Less Make More” and how he overcame those challenges
  • 24:03 – The most important action steps you can take right now to work less and make more

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